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The Many Different Shades of Love Spells

The best things in life are free and this includes love. The power of love is a thing that has made and destroyed entire civilizations. Today is a day in which technology has numbed us to the romantic escapades our ancestors had to go through when courting a mate. In some ways things have improved but in another way we have lost touch of what it means to be in a loving relationship. Love spells are highly effective and somewhat misunderstood at the same time.

You can bring out the passionate love that has been hiding in your relationship by applying a simple love spell. You can add a lot of positive value to the person you desire your love spell on by creating an intention to serve them the best love possible.

Many people seem to think that spells for love are strictly to be found in potion form. There are, of course, numerous amazing spells that fit this mold exactly. This is not the only way of casting such an enchantment of love though. Some of the most popular ways include things like:

·    Love potion spells or love fragrance oils

·    Candle spells- romantic with a bit of witchy touch

·    Flowers, written word, and crystals can all be used

·    Spells can be chanted as well or repeated as an affirmation/mantra

Love spells

Whichever method of delivery you decide on, make sure that you are casting your love spell on the right individual. It’s been said again and again so that’s why I’m repeating it: using a love spell just to take value from a person you find sexy is a misuse of the spells power. You should always go into a relationship looking to give to the other person. Love spells are a great way to stand out from the crowd just so long as the target is actually someone whose attraction for you is present in the first place.